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Proceeds of Crime Against David Hicks- Just a Diversion


The Justice Campaign (TJC) is appalled at the news that the Australian Government has moved to recover the proceeds of David Hicks’ book, Guantanamo: My Journey.

TJC patron, the Hon. John Dowd said today “David Hicks has not been convicted of a crime in Australia. He has not been convicted of an offence under US law. There is no basis for removing any profits from the sale of his book.” Justice Dowd said.

“The military Commissions Charges were invalid under US law and he was coerced.”

TJC spokesperson, Stephen Kenny said today “this is a blatant move to shift the focus of the Australian government’s responsibility to thoroughly and openly investigate torture allegations. David did not have a trial, let alone a fair one. President Obama himself has called the 2006 Military Commissions Act ‘fatally flawed’ and noted that it failed to ‘establish a legitimate legal framework’. He has since replaced it with a 2009 Act.”

“Our own Attorney-General Robert McClelland noted that the military commissions were foreign to Australia’s expectations of a fair trial, especially since it lacked independence, allowed secret evidence and allowed evidence obtained under torture, and the charge was created and applied retrospectively to David.”

“After five and a half years of hell in Guantanamo and being given the opportunity of spending only 60 more days in Cuba if he pled guilty I am sure you can understand why he made that decision- wouldn’t you do the same thing?”

The Justice Campaign remains committed in calling for an investigation into David’s credible allegations of torture and the political interference in his eventual plea deal.

What you can do

  1. Write to the Prime Minister and Attorney General and let them know that these proceedings will not divert us from the real issues- torture, human rights and justice. You can use a template that calls for an open and independent investigation into David Hicks’ case available here.
  2. Add your name to the open letter sent to the Prime Minister.
  3. Come to the Supreme Court in Sydney to support David when the court hears the case.
  4. If you are not in Sydney, you can still help out by writing in to newspapers and calling in to radio stations- especially busting myths that are still so common; e.g. most people think that David had a trial and that he ‘confessed’ to supporting terrorism. See our Fact Sheet for more details.
  5. Or, if you can spare a few hours let us know- we would appreciate any assistance you could give as this organisation is run by a few volunteers. Please email with your details and ways that you can help.

There has been an overwhelming amount of support since this action by the DPP was launched. An Overland petition in support of David Hicks has been signed by a host of concerned citizens including Julian Assange, John Pilger, Noam Chomsky and Simon Moyle. Many thanks for all of you that have signed.

Hear The Justice Campaign Spokesperson Stephen Kenny talk about the proceedings and the impact on David on the 7PM Project