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Our Campaign

Welcome to the Justice Campaign website.

We are a dedicated group of global citizens that believe that universally recognised human rights and the rule of law should never be compromised.

Although David Hicks’ conviction was formally vacated on 19th February 2015, the events surrounding his case continue to cause speculation and controversy. As an organisation, we believe that the right to a fair trial, to be free from torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and the right to justice should never be controversial; and every one should be protected from human rights abuses. This is why a group of dedicated individuals, who stand by the rule of law and human rights protections, are calling on the Australian government to comply with UN Human Rights law, and open an independent investigation into the David Hicks case, with special consideration given to the extensive evidence of torture that has come to light, and the proven political interference associated with his eventual plea deal in Guantanamo Bay. The investigation must be open- the Australian people have a right to know, and transparency is a fundamental principle of a democratic government. This investigation is crucial for a number of reasons; firstly, to ensure it never occurs again, secondly, to ensure those who were involved in David’s torture and unfair conviction are held to account in accordance with international law, and finally, to provide some semblance of justice for the Hicks family.

No Australian citizen should be subjected to an unfair system unsupported by the rule of law and principles of fairness. Most importantly- no person should be subjected to torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.