Garbage removal service when no one is looking

As a garbage removal Houston service you are held to a particular set of standards by the general public.

Ethics plays its roll in how you deal with the garbage you collect.

You can either help society or cause more damage to it.

So what should an ethical garbage removal service do when no one is looking?

For starters, an ethical approach to disposing of garbage is not to take all garbage to the landfill.

Why is that?

Because blindly handing the problem off to the landfill just pollutes the environment.

Why cause more harm to the place where you live?

You may think its not your problem, but the truth is its everyone’s problem.

So the ethical thing to do would be to consider various ways to keep that garbage out of the landfill.

Another ethical issue with garbage collection is pricing.

A person that needs you to remove there garbage has a reason.

That reason may be that they are not able to do it because they are old, injured, or don’t have the means.

So if you charge a high fee for removal beyond what is needed to prosper in your business, you’re setting the bar too high for poor that then have to sit in their garbage.

Consider discounting your pricing for poorer neighborhoods.

It’s the right thing to do and you’ll feel better about doing it.

The flip side of that argument is nothing is free.

And you’re right.

Consider discounting service if the customer brings you in a reference for another job, or gives you an honest review.

These things bring in new business and will continue to pay you over and over.

So you see there are various ethical issues to consider when providing garbage removal services.

The basic idea is to think before you act.