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Appeal for ongoing medical care

David-150x150Since David’s time in Guantanamo Bay, he has continued to struggle with the health impacts of his torture, ill-treatment and prolonged incarceration.

For five and a half years, David was kept in conditions that amounted to torture, including beatings, injections, isolation and sensory deprivation/bombardment. This caused not only extreme emotional and psychological distress, but also physical injuries. During beatings en-route to Guantanamo, his hand was broken, he has jaw problems from being punched, he has significant back pain due to herniated discs as a result of his beatings and being detained in small spaces, kidney problems, as well as a number of other health conditions.

One of the more significant problems David is now dealing with is his dental health. David was unable to brush his teeth for five and a half years during his imprisonment in Guantanamo, and is now suffering with gum disease and tooth decay. He currently requires $10,000 worth of dental treatment because of the extensive damage to his teeth, and is in constant pain.

David has been funding his own medical care since his release, but is struggling to pay the costs. David has been working since his release doing a variety of manual labouring jobs, and is continuing to do what he can to pay for his dental care, but at present this has been too difficult.  He has holes in his mouth until he can pay for implants and root canal treatment.

Because the Australian government continues to refuse to assist David with his medical costs, we are appealing to the community to assist him with his ongoing health needs.

You can assist by donating to the following ANZ account:

David Matthew Hicks

BSB:  012- 298

Acc No: 294 253 029

Any donation would be greatly appreciated and we thank you for your support.