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David’s Father, Terry Hicks

Cage Broadway Newyork

This is Terry Hicks standing in a cage in New York to try and raise awareness about the unlawful detention of his son. The first time David saw this photo was when he was still in Guantanamo Bay- he says it still brings tears to his eyes everytime he sees it. Terry Hicks is still determined to see his son completely free and able to live a normal life.

“Until there is an open investigation into what happened to David and until the Australian government is transparent about the torture he endured, what is there to stop this from happening to any other Australian abroad? In the campaign to bring David home we saw so many Australians outraged that a plea ‘agreement’ was gained using torture and angered that our government would let one of us undergo an unfair trial just because the US President said so; nothing has changed. The government has not acknowledged that David’s treatment breached human rights norms and Australians, including my family are still looking for answers”